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Wedding Magician


Your wedding is such a special, important lifetime event which will be forever in your memories. Planning one, however, can indeed be a stressful experience, which is why Nathan wants to ensure that the day itself is hassle-free. You may be worried about keeping everyone entertained, when after all you have done the organising. Then there are those guests who may have quiet personalities and are more shy around others, especially with those they do not know (so well).


Well, look no further, as with Nathan present, you are guaranteed to be in safe hands!


"Walk-Around" magic is ideal for a Wedding Reception as your guests will be standing around, socialising with those they already know including friends and family. Nathan's close-up effects, however, are the perfect ice-breaker to bring people together, including those who may have less sociable personalities, giving everyone an experience to talk about afterwards! 

Wedding Magic
Wedding Magic


During the meal, once people are seated, there is often a wait for the food to be served, so you may be wondering if all your guests are feeling comfortable. With Nathan's "Table -Hopping" Magic, he will make sure that this wait feels no longer than it has to, by going around and entertaining everyone! The effects which Nathan will perform here are different to the Reception as they utilise a table, which guarantees that your guests will enjoy a varied repertoire of close-up magic. 

Wedding Magic



    To make it SPECIAL - 

  • Stress-free

  • Plenty of memories

  • Entertaining

  • Close-up magic

  • Ice-breaker

  • Abracadabra!

  • Laughter



Nathan can also perform a special trick for the couple in order to really make it one to remember! If you have any requests, you can get in touch with him via the CONTACT section of the website - he would be delighted to hear from you.

Why hire Nathan for your wedding?

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