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Street performing is an art form where musicians, dancers, magicians or anyone else brings their craft to the streets and entertains the public in return for donations. If you can work on the streets, you can work anywhere; one has to attract an audience - make them stop, stay for the duration of the show and convince them that you are good enough to give a sufficient amount of money to; in other words make them pay. On top of that, a street performer has to constantly deal with the unexpected and anyone who may come along such as drunk people, distractions like a vehicle almost driving into your show and authorities, i.e. police officers and council members who are not necessarily aware of Busking Laws and the nature of street performing. It's simple - if people like you, they will watch you and give you money. If they do not, they will walk away without paying. You can often find Nathan doing his show in Magic Corner at Covent Garden! If you would like to find out when he is next performing, you can contact him via that section of the website. Nathan brings a style of magic to your event which you will not be able to find anywhere else!

"So nice to meet you! And what an awesome show!"

Mind2Mind, Britain's Got Talent, Series 13

Associate of The Inner Magic Circle with Silver Star for Performance
Member of Equity
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