Street performing is an art form where musicians, dancers, magicians or anyone else brings their craft to the streets and entertain the public in return for voluntary donations. This can be done anywhere in the UK, except for certain places where council bylaws may prohibit or regulate this, and performers usually do it in towns and cities with decent foot traffic. It has long since been associated with 'begging,' however street performers create an experience for the public which they often never forget, and most are very skilled! They do not demand money and are part of the vibrant community which adds to a place. Street performing is far from the 'cheap' name which it is associated with. For many this is also their living.

A true fact as well is that if you can work on the streets, you can work anywhere. One has to constantly deal with the unexpected and anyone who may come along such as drunk people, distractions like a vehicle almost driving into your show and authorities, i.e. police officers and council members who are not necessarily aware of Busking Laws and the nature of street performing. Over the years, many boroughs have threatened to either license street entertainment or ban it completely, and performers are still fighting for their freedom.

Street performing also puts your skills as an entertainer to the test. If the public do not like you or your performance, they will just walk away. One has to build a crowd, keep them engaged and only hope they will receive some revenue in return.


In general, there are two types of street magic performances: Sidewalk shows which are better suited to smaller audiences as they are set up on a walkway such as a promenade or high street, and Circle shows which are better suited to large audiences as there is room for a lot of people to watch. These are often found in places which are well known for street performing such as London's Covent Garden and Leicester Square, but can be anywhere with big open space. In fact, due to being the 'hot spots', such pitches often have a self-regulated queuing system put in place by buskers, where each person will wait for their turn to perform there.

You can often find Nathan doing his shows on the streets of Central London such as Leicester Square and Magic Corner in Covent Garden! If you would like to find out where and when he is next performing, you can contact him via that section of the website. Nathan brings a style of magic to your event which you will not be able to find anywhere else!

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