Why hire a magician, and what for?

Close-up 'Table-Hopping'/'Walk-Around' Magic 


Nathan can provide close-up 'table-hopping'/'walk-around' magic for your event. He will see each group or table individually and perform magic in a hands-on and personal setting. If you are looking for a perfect way to break the ice and make sure there is never a dull moment while your guests' food is being prepared, this type of magic would be ideal! Designed for smaller groups of people, and can last as long as necessary to ensure that everyone gets their 'magic.'


Stage Shows

This would be most suited to a larger audience where there is a venue containing a stage or platform. Nathan can perform for up to half an hour and do visual magic including but not limited to - producing objects from the air, linking them together, and breaking all the laws of physics possible! The show is suitable for all ages and guaranteed to leave guests with a smile on their faces! 


Festival/Outdoor Entertainment

If you are holding an event in the open such as a festival, carnival or outdoor party, Nathan will be able to keep your guests entertained by drawing a crowd, making jokes and doing a street-style show! Suitable for all ages, and can be performed for up to half an hour. 

Pick and Mix


Want to pick and mix various packages ? Are you holding an outdoor event for instance where you would like walk-around magic with a show afterwards? Nathan would be happy to provide this for you. Please contact him to discuss your specific requirements.

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