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Close-up "Walk-Around"/"Table-Hopping" Magic


Nathan will see each group or table individually and perform magic in a hands-on and personal setting, connecting with your guests and giving them the experience of a lifetime - something they will remember with joy! You and your event will be forever in their memories!


"Walk-Around" magic is ideal for a drinks reception where people are standing, mixing and mingling, which makes Nathan's close-up effects the perfect ice-breaker! Afterwards, once seated for the meal, Nathan will perform "Table-Hopping" magic in between courses for your guests so as there is a never a dull moment while they are waiting for their food to be served!

Guaranteed Reactions
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Stage Shows

Nathan will perform for all your guests at once - you will witness magic on a wide scale as well as illusions which play big. A great way for everyone to share the magical experience together, and have something to talk about afterwards! Suitable for a larger audience where there is a venue containing a stage or platform. Nathan can also provide a PA system upon request if your venue does not have one.

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Festival/Outdoor Entertainment

Will you be hosting an event where the weather is great outside? No matter how small or large your audience is, this is probably the most versatile of performances which Nathan can offer you. A great way of witnessing magic in a relaxed environment where your guests can enjoy a canapé and drink at the same time if they want to!  Perfect for a festival, carnival or outdoor party such as in your garden. Nathan can also provide a PA system upon request if the outdoor area is suitable.

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Pick & Mix


Want to pick & mix various packages ? Are you holding an outdoor event for instance where you would like walk-around magic with a show afterwards? Nathan would be happy to provide this for you. You can get in touch via the CONTACT section on the website if you have any special requests.

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