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Corporate Magician


Having a magician entertain at a Corporate Event is the perfect way to make a work-related function more relaxed, enhancing the experience for your guests and making it feel less like work, despite maintaining the Business Theme. Whether it be an Awards Ceremony, Product Launch, or Company Party, Nathan will have you covered!


The warm style of Nathan's magic is ideal for creating an environment where your customers, clients and staff can come together and enjoy themselves. Also, if you are pitching to other companies whose attendees will be at your event, they will be impressed by the magic they witness, whether it be close-up or on stage, which will leave a lasting impression on them, making your function a memorable one.


Corporate Magic
Corporate Magic
Performing magic for Shaun Williamson aka Barry from Eastenders
Performing magic for Shaun Williamson aka Barry from Eastenders


Below are just some of Nathan's Previous Clients:


If you have any requests, such as a special trick in relation to a Product Launch, or Nathan adapting his magic towards the theme of your event, you can get in touch with him via the CONTACT section of the website - he would be delighted to hear from you.

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