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"It was great to meet you - and your magic is brilliant!"

Dominic Treadwell-Collins, Former Eastenders Executive Producer

"So nice to meet you! And what an awesome show!"

Mind2Mind, Britain's Got Talent, Series 13

"Thank you so much for yesterday, our guests really enjoyed your entertainment for which I received some lovely feedback"

A. Burns

"We really enjoyed Nathan's magic show in Covent Garden this morning. Thomas, my son, was called up to the front to assist with the show and really enjoyed himself and said it was amazing!"

L. Pitt

Private Party Magic

"Thank you for yesterday, really enjoyed it."

S. Rajabali

"We were really glad to have you, and have had lots of lovely feedback! We will definitely keep you in mind for anything else in the future!"

A. Wright

"Just wanted to say that I loved your performance in Covent garden yesterday. not only did I love your magic but I also found you very funny and hope you continue to do great work."

N. Ray

Private Party Magic

"We were delighted with the variety of magic tricks that you performed at our son's Bar Mitzvah celebrations which greatly added to the party atmosphere. Your close-up style of magic well suited our event creating the perfect blend of interest and intrigue."

J. Wachtel

"Nathan was absolutely excellent. I hired him to perform at my partner's 40th at our house and he was so professional. We were bamboozled and it really was an excellent show. I couldn't recommend him more. He exceeded all expectations by far. I can't wait for an excuse to hire him again!"

F. Patmore

"It was a great experience for all of us so thanks for coming in."

V. Parikh

"Nathan is a delightful & polite young man. It was our pleasure and he is a talented magician."

J. Gerrard

"Everyone loved you! You were brilliant!"

V. Graves

"Hi Nathan,

Thank you so much for last night!! You really worked the room and everyone I spoke to who interacted with you only had really positive, lovely things to say about you and your magic!

I'm still trying to work out how that card lost its corner when Adam was holding it!

Thank you so much and I'll keep you in mind if I ever need a close-up magician at any of my events!"

R. Archer

Private Party Magic

"A wonderful busker at London's Covent Garden"

Dr Michael Likey - Society of American Magicians

"Nathan presents his magic in such an entertaining way! Every time I’ve seen him perform he always manages to entertain everyone watching and we all have a great time!"

J. Simpson

"Nathan Is an amazing magician but also one of my favourite street performers, constantly drawing large crowds even on cold winter days! 100% would recommend!"

H. Stinton

"Nathan reminds you why street style magic has been a fixture of our cities for so many centuries"

S. Monaghan

"I want to say a HUGE Thank you for your show on 30th November!


We have received great feedback and people were amazed! I am looking forward to working with you again"

M. Johnstone

"Absolutely brilliant. Nathan turned a good night into a very, very special night. Nathan`s magic was incredible, everyone has not stopped talking about it. Nathan entertained adults and children alike. He arrived early and left late (no clock watching). I would recommend him 100%. Fantastic, money well spent......."

M. Saggers

"The guys all really enjoyed the evening and your magic was fantastic. Thank you."

R. Little

"It was rather fun wasn't it, you were fab and I will highly recommend you."

S. Saleh

"Hi Nathan - thanks so much for making the evening so special! So many people said how they loved the magician, so thank you so much!"

J. Cripps

"Many thanks for your time were superb and I have already had such positive feedback..not only from the guests but the staff at Old Fold Manor Golf Club was lovely meeting with you and I hope our paths cross again in the future."

J. Porter

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Associate of The Inner Magic Circle with Silver Star for Performance
Member of Equity
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