Nathan is a magician and street entertainer who has been performing magic for 11 years (since 2011). He began doing so at the young age of 16 and now, age 27, has a wealth of experience performing all over London. At 18, the youngest a person can be a member, Nathan passed his entrance examination into The Magic Circle, the most prestigious Magic society, where magicians from all over the world meet to discuss their secret art! The society has been home to many high-profile magicians over the years such as Dynamo, Paul Daniels and Tommy Cooper!


In 2015, Nathan became a demonstrator for 'Marvin's Magic,' the number one company for magic worldwide, which has inspired many magicians of today. He demonstrated regularly in Harrods, as well as Hamleys, Selfridges, The Entertainer, John Lewis and Fenwicks. 


Nathan compered the two 'Magicians At The Moat' events in September and November 2019, where four magicians flocked to the stage at The Old Moat House in Luton for an evening of magic and entertainment!  

Nathan is also a member of Equity, the UK trade union for creative practitioners, home to 43,000 members including actors, musicians, directors, and variety acts including magicians.

Nathan has performed for celebrities, the likes of Shaun Williamson aka Barry from Eastenders and Grant Shapps, the Business Secretary for the UK!

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   Why Nathan?


  • Performs for thousands of people from all over the world - International audiences!

  • Brings a friendly, warm and approachable style to your event - always smiling!

  • Member of both The Magic Circle and Equity.

  • A versatile performer; can work indoors, outdoors, evenings or daytime, for weddings, festivals, close-up or on stage.

  • Can gather a crowd and entertain people who did not seek a magic show in the first place (i.e. on the streets), therefore has no problem entertaining those that do (in a controlled environment)!

  • Brings a unique style of magic to your event.

  • DBS Checked and Public Liability Insured.

  • Performs a variety of magic - not just card tricks!